Board of Directors

2018 Soccer Maine Staff and Board of Directors

(Board Committees are below Directory)

Shari Levesque Executive Director [email protected]
Jason Pelletier State Referee Administrator [email protected]
Todd Sniper Director of Coaching/ODP Director [email protected]
MJ Ball Associate Director of Coaching [email protected]
Robin Thurston President [email protected]
Bruce Jones V.P. – Classic [email protected]
Rob Rodriguez V.P. – Premier [email protected]
Loren Peters V.P. – Recreation & Treasurer [email protected]
John Morgan Secretary [email protected]
Ray Grogan Central District Director [email protected]
Marcia Bell Metro District Director [email protected]
Wayne Harvey North District Director [email protected]
Ricky Doyon South District Director [email protected]
Cindy Bailey Director at Large [email protected]
Josh Muscadin Director at Large [email protected]
Michael O’Connor Director at Large [email protected]
Jim Skvorak Director at Large [email protected]
Todd Whitcomb Director at Large/TOP Soccer [email protected]

Board of Directors’ Committees
By-Laws Committee
Rob Rodriguez, Jim Skvorak, Shari Levesque

Classic Committee
Bruce Jones, Chairperson; Marcia Bell, Rick Doyon, Wayne Harvey, Ray Grogan

Finance Committee
Loren Peters, Robin Thurston, Mike O’Connor, Jim Skvorak, Shari Levesque

Nominating Committee
Robin Thurston, Marcia Bell

Recreational Committee
Loren Peters, Chairperson; Robin Thurston, Marcia Bell, Rick Doyon, Wayne Harvey, Bruce Jones, Ray Grogan

Premier & State Cup Committee
Rob Rodriguez, Shari Levesque, Jason Pelletier, Robin Thurston

Minutes from the October 2017 Meeting
Minutes from the November 2017 Meeting