Board of Directors

2018 Soccer Maine Staff and Board of Directors

(Board Committees are below Directory)

Shari Levesque Executive Director [email protected]
Jason Pelletier State Referee Administrator [email protected]
Todd Sniper Director of Coaching/ODP Director [email protected]
MJ Ball Associate Director of Coaching [email protected]
Robin Thurston President [email protected]
Bruce Jones V.P. – Classic [email protected]
Rob Rodriguez V.P. – Premier [email protected]
Loren Peters V.P. – Recreation & Treasurer [email protected]
John Morgan Secretary [email protected]
Ray Grogan Central District Director [email protected]
Marcia Bell Metro District Director [email protected]
Wayne Harvey North District Director [email protected]
Ricky Doyon South District Director [email protected]
Cindy Bailey Director at Large [email protected]
Josh Muscadin Director at Large [email protected]
Michael O’Connor Director at Large [email protected]
Jim Skvorak Director at Large [email protected]
Todd Whitcomb Director at Large/TOP Soccer [email protected]

Board of Directors’ Committees
By-Laws Committee
Rob Rodriguez, Jim Skvorak, Shari Levesque

Classic Committee
Bruce Jones, Chairperson; Marcia Bell, Rick Doyon, Wayne Harvey, Ray Grogan

Finance Committee
Loren Peters, Chairperson; Robin Thurston, Mike O’Connor, Jim Skvorak, Cindy Bailey, Shari Levesque

Nominating Committee
Robin Thurston, Marcia Bell

Recreational Committee
Loren Peters, Chairperson; Robin Thurston, Marcia Bell, Rick Doyon, Wayne Harvey, Bruce Jones, Ray Grogan

Premier & State Cup Committee
Rob Rodriguez, Chairperson; Shari Levesque, Jason Pelletier, Robin Thurston

Minutes from the October 2017 Meeting
Minutes from the November 2017 Meeting