All clubs should be setting up yearly Registration programs in their club accounts.  If you do not know how to do this, please refer to the Got Soccer Club Extended Manual available here.  Got Soccer Club Extended Manual. If you have further questions regarding this, please contact Soccer Maine at 207-239-7834.

When registering your players, please make sure that all necessary information is in the player registration – legal name, jersey number, birthdate, address, phone number, and email address. Missing information will hold up the issuance of rosters.

Additionally, all coaches, assistant coaches and team managers must be registered with full information and must complete a background check in order to be added to a roster. Background checks take 24-72 hours. This can also hold up the issuance of rosters.

Once your players are registered and placed on teams in your club account, you then need to submit these registrations to Soccer Maine through your Got Soccer account.  Follow these instructions:
1)  Go to your Club tab, then Teams in the dark blue menu bar

2)   Above your list of teams is a pull down menu titled “Register Teams in:”.  Choose Soccer Maine Registration 2015/16 and click the blue button entitled “Select”.

3)  You will then see all teams in your club account that have not been submitted to the annual registration program.

4) Check the box beside each team that needs to be submitted; then click the blue button entitled “Enter Selected Teams”.

When registering teams for a league, the process is the same, except that you would choose the league instead of the yearly registration event.

Click here for an outline of Classic Club submission and payment due dates.

Recreational Team Submission Directions

All Player Registration and Risk Management links are through our registration database

Risk Management approval is required of any adult.  Coaches and team managers cannot be added to rosters without first completing a background check and having that background check approved.

INTERNATIONAL CLEARANCE – Players born outside the U.S.
FIFA requires all players over the age of 12, regardless of their citizenship or ability, to receive an international clearance (ITC) from their former country when they are registering to play soccer in a different country (i.e. the United States). U.S. Soccer is responsible for obtaining that ITC on behalf of all players in the U.S. participating in affiliated leagues.
Please click here for more information and instructions.