Coaching Courses & Course Descriptions

USSF “F” Level, Youth Module, “E”, and “D” Level Licensing Courses

(Updated 6/29/2017)

Registration Instructions: to register for a coaching course, click on the link for the specific course below. You will be re-directed to the Got Soccer website. You will need your Got Soccer user name and password. If you do not have a Got Soccer user name and password, contact your club registrar and ask them to create a “coach profile” for you in the club’s Got Soccer account. Once the registrar creates a coach profile for you, you will receive an automated e-mail with your user name and password.

For more information contact:
Todd Sniper, Coaching Director
[email protected]

F License
The F License course is a 2 hour course conducted entirely on line, intended for coaches and parents of all youth players.

The USSF F License is the foundation for the USSF coaching curriculum.  The focus of this course is to share US Soccer’s best practices in creating a fun, activity centered age-appropriate environment for 5-8 year old players.
ELIGIBILITY – This course is open to all applicants at least 16 years of age.
WHAT TO EXPECT – In order to register for the course, candidates will need to sign up for a user account in the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center – a state of the art online educational platform.
Cost is $25
Click here to access the registration link for the USSF F License.


Youth Module Courses (U9 & U10 coaches)
You must take this course if you are a U9 or U10 coach prior to the E license.

In 1996, US Soccer’s coaching programs developed a National License that was designed to specifically address the needs and developmental characteristics of players at the U-6 to U-12 ages.  The ideas and methods studied in the National Youth License became the foundation of information for the state level Youth Modules.  Soccer Maine offers a Youth Module course that is a U8-U10 level certificate course.

There are no scheduled Youth Module courses at this time. We will be scheduling several in the summer of 2017.

USSF E Certificate Courses
Coaches should already have taken the F & Youth Module courses

The USSF F License is now a prerequisite for the E License.  If you are coaching a U10 or younger team, you must also take the Youth Module Certificate course prior to this course.  Coaches will need to complete the webinar coaching certification prior to taking the USSF E License. The National E License is an 16-18-hour long course that targets players between U10 and U14.  The course covers the elementary principles of coaching and prepares the coaching candidates for the National D License.

Cost for all E Licenses is $100 for Soccer Maine members and $150 for non-members (if you are not coaching for a Soccer Maine affiliated club)

Gray New Gloucester High School, 10 Libby Road, Gray, ME  04039
July 25 through August 15
Instructor:  Jim Hopkins
Tuesday, July 25th – 5pm to 9pm
Tuesday, August 1st – 5pm to 9pm
Tuesday, August 8th – 5pm to 9pm
Tuesday, August 15th – 5pm to 9pm

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Westbrook Community Center, 426 Bridge St, Westbrook, ME  04092
July 27 through August 17
Instructor:  Josh Needle
Thursday, July 27th – 5pm to 9pm
Thursday, August 3rd – 5pm to 9pm
Thursday, August 10th – 5pm to 9pm 
Thursday, August 17th – 5pm to 9pm
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Shaw Field Complex located at 137 Shaw Road, Sanford, ME  04073
August 2 through August 23
Instructor:  Todd Sniper
Wednesday, August 2nd – 5pm to 9pm
Wednesday, August 9th – 5pm to 9pm
Wednesday, August 16th – 5pm to 9pm
Wednesday, August 23rd – 5pm to 9pm

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USSF D License Courses

The National D License is the second level in the USSF Coaching Schools and is the highest state administered course.  The course is a 36 to 40-hour (4 day) long course typically held over 2 weekends 10 weeks apart.  It is designed for the experienced coach that has already earned a National E License.  The focus of the course to improve a coaches ability to positively influence individual players, small groups and teams.  The separation between the course weekends is to allow the coaching candidates time to ‘actively practice’ the coaching methods introduced during the first weekend of the course.

There is course work that must be completed in the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center prior to the first course session.  Those assignments are as follows:
–    Laws of the Game
–    Prevention and Care/Concussion Awareness
–    Deliberate Practice (training sessions and self-reflection)

Our D license course has been completed for the year.  We hold one D license a year in either late fall or early spring.