Fall Classic League


Soccer Maine’s most popular league is the Fall Classic League, which features boys and girls divisions in age groups from Under-9 through Under-14. Classic Clubs playing Fall Classic must have all teams registered in the League by July 15.  All players should be registered in their club accounts and on their respective teams by August 1. Players can be added after this date and prior to roster freeze of August 23, but rosters must be substantially complete by August 1. Teams will play in their appropriate age division, and cannot play up an age group in the Fall Classic League.  Play will begin on Sunday, August 26 with 6 league games over 5 weekends.  U13 and U14 teams will have a double game weekend on September 8/9, U11s and U12s will have a double game weekend on September 15/16, U9s and U10s will have a double game weekend on September 22/23.  Additionally, some of those teams that are part of brackets with uneven numbers of teams will have a bye-week and a double on a separate Sunday.

The U9/U10 Festivals will take place on October 13th (girls) & 14th (boys).  The U11 Festivals will take place on October 20th (girls) & 21st (boys).  Playoffs will begin the weekend of October 13/14 and continue through October 20/21.  Semis and Finals for U12s and up will be held on Sunday, October 28th.

The U12 through U14 D1 and D2 playoff brackets are posted below.  Playoff host sites are highlighted in yellow.  The host sites set their schedules within Soccer Maine parameters.  Those clubs will be contacting the teams in their bracket with their schedule.  All teams should have both upcoming weekends available for playoffs per the Fall Classic Handbook rules/policies.

LAYSA U14 Boys
over PAYSA 1-0 (OT & PKS)
Yarmouth Colts U14 Girls over Bangor SC 1-0 (OT & PKs)
Yarmouth Colts U13 Boys over Freeport United SC 1-0

Gorham YSA U13 Girls over Yarmouth Colts 1-0
Gorham YSA U12 Girls over Brunswick SC 3-1
Bangor SC U12 Boys over Windham YSA 6-1

Bangor SC U14 Boy
s over Coldbrook Travel SC 2-0
Cape Elizabeth SC U14 Girls over Western Maine United 1-0 (OT & PKs)
LAYSA U13 Boys over Bonny Eagle SC 3-2
Gardiner Fire U13 Girls over Pen Bay SC  1-0

Waterville YSA U12 Boys over Scarborough SC 5-4 (OT & PKs)
Oxford County SC U12 Girls over Wells Travel SC 6-1


League Scheduling Instructions

Click here for the 2018 Fall Handbook.  Please note the following important items for Fall 2018:
(Please note that our Handbook is a PDF.  If you are trying to open or download via an Apple product using Safari, you must have a plug-in pdf program such as Adobe, otherwise you will not be able to open the file.  Try utilizing another browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer as well.)

1.  U9 and U10 will play 7v7 in the Fall Classic League
U11 and U12 will play 9v9 in the Fall Classic League
3.  The League will play 6 regular season games over 5 weekends

Concussion Protocol – no heading allowed for U11 and younger players.  See Section 705 of the Handbook
4.   Teams cannot play up an age group in the Fall Classic League.  If your team is U11, you would play in the U11 age group, not U12.
5.   U9 teams must be at least 50% true U9 players.  U8 players can be rostered on U9 teams if you club policies allow it, but not on U10 or older teams.  This applies under all circumstances.
6.   U7 players are not permitted in the Fall Classic League under any circumstance.
6.   Teams not registered and participating in the Soccer Maine Fall Classic League cannot participate in games with registered Soccer Maine Fall Classic League teams.  This includes any teams that are registered with another entity other than Soccer Maine and USYS.

REMINDER that Players must be age 7 prior to 8/1/2018, to play in the Fall Classic League.  We do not have a U8 division in the Fall Classic League – 7 year olds can ONLY play on U9 teams.  These players are not eligible to play U10 or above.  U9 teams must be at least 50% true U9 players. 

Please use this form when sending in your fees. Click here for Fall Classic Invoice Form.


Scoring for the Fall Classic League will be on line through your smart phone or computer.  Please follow these instructions.

Home Teams please follow these directions to make sure all scores are accurately reported. Scores need to be entered at within 24 hours after the game has finished.

Go to www.gotsoccer.com using your smart phone or mobile device, and look for the Event Scoring link.  If you are using a regular laptop, PC or MAC you will need to go to www.gotsport.com/m.

Enter your EVENT ID#: 66244; Enter your EVENT PIN#: 2018

Enter the game number and click GO

Click on the “H” box (Home), enter the scores for both teams and click SAVE


Team Submission Directions
The league is currently closed to submissions.

Congratulations to our 2017
Fall Classic League Championship Winners!

Champions Cup (D1)
Yarmouth Colts U14 Boys in PKs
Maranacook U14 Girls
Scarborough SC U13 Boys
Windham YSA U13 Girls
Cape Elizabeth SC U12 Boys
Saco SC U12 Girls

Classic Cup (D2)
Dirigo SC U14 Boys
Biddeford YSA U14 Girls
Bonny Eagle SC U13 Boys
Freeport United SC U13 Girls
Saco SC U12 Boys
Oxford County SC U12 Girls



Congratulations to our Fall Classic League 2016 Championship Winners –
Champions Cup
U14 Boys – Windham YSA-Noonan
U14 Girls – PAYSA-Aponte-Clarke
U13 Boys – Gorham YSA-Perry
U13 Girls – Gorham YSA-Sherry
U12 Boys – Brunswick SC-Champagne
U12 Girls – Windham YSA-Dakin

Classic Cup
U14 Boys – South Portland Strikers-Brownstein
U14 Girls – Sanford YSA-Hludik
U13 Boys – Pen Bay SC North-Wyman
U13 Girls – Falmouth YSA-Lynch
U12 Boys – Falmouth YSA-Wintersteen
U12 Girls – Bonny Eagle SC