Maine State Premier League

The Maine State Premier League is a spring premier qualifying league for 12U through 19U premier teams.  The MSPL can also include highly competitive , qualified town classic teams and high school age teams.  The MSPL will look to form the following age groups:  2007 (12U), 2006 (13U), 2005 (14U), 2004 (15U), 2003 (16U), 2002 (17U), 2001 (18U) and 2000 (19U) each year.  Age groups may be combined in playing divisions, however this does not mean that the age groups will be combined in terms of team.  For instance, if Soccer Maine determines that there are not enough 13U teams to stand alone as a playing division, they will play in a division with 14U teams, however, the 13U teams will still be considered 13U teams and will have their own final as long as there are a minimum of 3 teams.

Teams must be formed according to birth year per the US Soccer guidelines.
The MSPL is now closed to team registrations.  Schedules will be published by Friday, March 8th.  The following age groups will begin play on March 31st – 18U Boys, 13/14U Girls, 15/16U Girls, 17/18/19U Girls.
All other age groups will begin play on April 7th

Semi-finals will be held on Saturday, June 1st, at Thomas College, Waterville, ME, for U12 Boys, U13/U14 Boys, and U16 Boys
Finals will be held on Sunday, June 2nd, at Lewiston High School, Lewiston, ME for the following age groups:
U12 Boys, U13/14 Boys, U15 Boys, U16 Boys, U17/U18 Boys, U19 Boys
U12 Girls, U13/U14 Girls, U15/U16 Girls, U17 Girls, U18/U19 Girls, and HS Girls

Click here for the 2019 MSPL Handbook.  Please read the handbook carefully.  Information has been updated.

Click here for the 2019 Semi-finals and Finals Schedule

MSPL Semi-finals and Finals Game Day Procedures

Click here for the 2019 Spring League Schedule

Click here for League Scheduling Directions.

Score reporting for MSPL will be recorded online through your smart phone or computer. Please follow these instructions:

Home Teams please follow these directions to make sure all scores are accurately reported. Scores need to be entered no more than 24 hours after the game has finished.  Scores not entered are considered forfeits the home team.  Teams that do not comply with score recording will not be eligible for league finals.

  1. After the game has finished – go to www.gotsoccer.com using your smart phone or mobile device, and look for the Event Scoring link. If you are using a regular laptop, PC or MAC you will need to go to www.gotsport.com/m.
  2. Enter your EVENT ID #: 71257; Enter your EVENT PIN #: 2019
  3. Enter the game number and click GO.
  4. Click on the “H” box (Home), enter scores for both teams and click SAVE


Congratulations to our 2018 League Champions!
19U Boys – Rosevelt SC over River City Athletics
18U Girls  – Central Maine United over Velocity Premier SC
18U Boys – Seacoast United North over Central Maine United
17U Boys – Andro Stars over Dirigo SC
17U Girls – Velocity Premier SC over DSA United
16U Boys – Rosevelt SC 15s over Acadia Fire
16U Girls – DSA United over Velocity SC
14U Boys – Acadia Fire FC over DSA United
14U Girls – River City Athletics over Central Maine United
U13 Boys – Andro Stars over Rosevelt SC
U13 Girls – Rosevelt 13s over River City Athletics
U12 Boys – Acadia Fire FC over DSA United
U12 Girls – Velocity Premier SC over River City Athletics
HS Boys – Western Maine United over Maine Coast United North
HS Girls  – Brunswick Travel SC over Maine Coast United South

Congratulations to our 2017 League Champions!
19U Boys – Rosevelt SC 18s over Acadia Fire
18U Girls – DSA United 18s over River City Athletics
17U Boys – DSA United 17s over Acadia Fire
17U Girls – DSA United 17s over Central Maine United
16U Boys – DSA United 16s in OT & PKs over Rosevelt SC
16U Girls – Velocity SC 16s over Freeport United
15U Girls – DSA United 15s over Velocity SC
14U Boys – Rosevelt SC 14s over DSA United
14U Girls – DSA United 14s over Rosevelt SC
U12 Boys – Acadia Fire 12s over Rosevelt SC
HS Boys – Western Maine United over Freeport United
HS Girls – Brunswick SC over Maine Coast United