Referee Renewal Instructions

Steps to becoming a Registered USSF Referee in Maine:

1.  Register with USSF at this new site:   http://ussoccer.force.com/referee/ 

  • Print a copy of your payment receipt and give it to the Instructor at the Recertification Clinic)

2.  Complete the background check:  see instructions below and bring a copy of your background check registration and give it to the Instructor at the Recertification Clinic.      

3.  Bring a payment receipt received from US Soccer, and give it to the Instructor.

Once you have completed your online registration, attended a Recertification clinic, submitted a copy of your USSF payment at the clinic, and completed a background check if 18 or older, your record will be sent to the Maine Referee office for review and approval.  You should receive the USSF referee packet within 6 weeks from the final approval date.


Background check information:

All referees 18 years and older must complete background checks in our system.   They must first register in the Referee Association of Maine on Got Soccer:


Once you have registered, wait 24 hours and then go into your Got Soccer referee account, and click on Background Checks in the dark blue menu bar.  Click Submit New Report, follow the instructions and answer all questions.  Click Submit.

These referees are currently registered and have current background checks that are good for two years, (they registered last year).

Matthew Backus,  Zachary Bailey, David Berang, David Berntsen,  Scott Bilow, Carl Bradbury, Robert Collins,  Heather Dean.  Allen Drew.  Walter Farmer, Christopher Ferguson, Peter Fortunato, Gary Gifford, Wilfrid Hasselmann,  Jared Hirschowitz,  Ronald Jalbert,  Michael Kommich, Ronald Kramer, Robert Landry, Jason Lariviere, Peter Levasseur,  Jillian Levesque,  Ron Libby,  Taylor Littlefield, Ptya Lomeri, Scott Moody, Michael Moody, Greg Murray,  Patriok O’Reilly, Stephen Peats,  Scott Pereira, Daniel Roberge,  Charles Spencer,  Abigail Van Note. Salah Zayed



1.  If I have a 2016 patch do I have to attend a recertification clinic?

 Yes, However you do NOT have to pay because you attended a referee class during the 2016 USSF year and are already registered.  The recert clinic is free.

2.  Why do I need to attend this clinic every year?

During this time we discuss the new rule changes, review other game situations, and review signals, calls, and fouls and misconducts.  By attending the clinic your name also gets put on the Soccer Maine Referee data base of approved referees.  You can not referee unless your name is on this data base.

3.  Where do I get my USSF ID# to register with USSF?

Contact your assignor, they will have it for you.

4.  Where do I get my patch??

When you register with USSF, they will send you a 2016 patch and a new rule book.  So please register as soon as possible to get your patch.


If you have any questions please contact SDI, Pete Levasseur at [email protected] or SRA, Jason Pelletier at [email protected]