Risk Management

All adults in your club soccer program should be registered in your Got Soccer club account and submit a background check.  This is required as an affiliate of Soccer Maine and US Youth Soccer, and is a Kid’s Safe Program.  A background check can be submitted from your personal coach, team manager, club official or referee account in Got Soccer.

Adults are not permitted to participate with youths in our affiliated clubs, leagues, etc. if they do not have a valid background check on file and are not listed as “Approved” in our Got Soccer system.

Background checks stay in effect for two years.  Prior to expiration, you will receive automatic reminders to renew.  If the background check is not renewed, the coach or team manager will be removed from any rosters on which they are currently listed.

The following information is required to complete a background check –
Name (Legal Name)
Address City/State/Zip
Previous Address
Home Phone
Work Phone
Date of Birth
Social Security Number
Coach License Level
Referee Grade Level
Driver’s License Number if applicable
Referee Registration Number if applicable

A coach/team manager, etc. should only submit one background check.  That background check can be attached to multiple accounts, should the individual have more than one Got Soccer account.  Please see your club registrar for assistance should you receive requests for multiple background check renewals.

Please note that coaches and team managers should never enter coach or team manager information into a tournament application.  This creates a new account for that individual and will result in prompts to do another background check.  Prior to applying for any tournaments, please make sure your club has assigned the correct individuals to a given team.  Also please note that all tournament applications require a team manager, and this must be assigned to the team by the club registrar.

If you have any questions, please contact Shari Levesque, Executive Director, at [email protected].